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1Working Lamp
360° LED Cylindrical Working Lamp. High quality SMD2835 chips of high efficacy. Light, portable & hangable by handle, tripod legs are collapsible or removable. Waterproof plugs & structure to achieve IP65, support interconnection up to 6 lamps (70W).
2Outdoor Rechargable Power
1KW and 500W big power output. Suitable for all kind of outdoor activity. 
3Air Anion Purifier

A simple and effective way to improve indoor air quality. Mini negative ion generator in wall mount box. Silent and effective removal of dust particles in air. Effectively inhibits PM2.5, bacteria, smoke and other allergens.

4Glass Tube

T8 Glass LED Tube is produced with high quality Hong Li LED chips. The light is well diffused with no dark area while flickering is minimized with stable current. It is compatible with T8 standard fixture and 2 years warranty.

5Wireless Tube
SmartDim III  is most suitable for 24 hour lighting like stairs, corridors and car parks. The lamp has an integrated motion sensor with 2.4G wireless communication to provides energy saving. It provides full brightness when the area is occupied. A group of lamps can operate together as a zone through their wireless link. A master lamp with motion sensor triggers on a set of slave lamps nearby.
6Sensor Tube
Sensor dimming LED tube integrated with motion sensor is ideal for public lighting where 24 hour lighting is needed. The motion sensor turns the lamp fully on while motion is detected, otherwise the lamp is dimmed down or turned off for energy saving. There is a wide product range including lamp tubes with standard 2, 3, 4 and 5 feet lengths that fit into conventional T8 or T5 lamp battens.
7Dimmable Tube
LED lamp tube with direct adjustable light output by DIP switches on lamp (no sensor is involved for this series). Four different light output levels fit into different applications seamlessly. The lamp can save 20-50% energy as compared with fluorescent lamp tube. It is best for places like store house, plant room, corridor, stairs, etc. where long term lighting is needed.
8Emergency Lamp Batten
EB Series LED Emergency Lamp can be used along with the LED Engine and the 2.4G series LED tubes. Suitable for applications like back stairs, entrance and exit points, corridors, refuge floor, etc. The batten adopts aesthetic-modern look of British-style with 12V 2500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery that supports 2 hour backup time and provides 12 hour charging time.
9Lamp Batten

Standard lighting fixture compatible for BL and CL series LED tube, available in a variety of styles. Easy to install, it is suitable for all kind of buildings and shops purpose.

10Bulkhead Lamp
Bulkhead lamp with integrated dimmable driver is ideal for 24 hour public lighting. The product provides 8 brightness levels of lumen output setting. High performance electronic driver provides long life operation and lamp protection. High quality LED and 4 kV surge immunity protected. Step dimming design to extend the life span. Frosted UV PC diffuser provides comfortable lighting.
Downlight built in wireless receiver. Synchronize controlled by external sensor. over 20 meter wireless control range. No limit on quantity in effective zone. NO UV, irradiation and mercury free. Long life and stable driver. Aluminum die casting casing
12Ceiling Lamp
Integrated motion sensor, when there is no occupancy the lamp is dimmed down for energy saving. Excellent color rendering. Long lifetime and 70% energy saving, short payback period. Low maintenance and replacement cost.
13LED Panel Light

LED panel light is a high-end interior lighting. The Panels' design is simple but appealing. It uses high quality LED chips, PP diffuser plate. It is guaranteed with 2 years warranty. It is suitable for lighting in hotels, offices as well as residential buildings to create a luxurious atmosphere.