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Emergency Dimmable LED Bulkhead


     Without sensor, it provides 8 brightness levels of luminance output setting.

     Come with Ni-MH rechargeable battery for emergency use.

     High performance electronic driver provides long life operation and lamp protection.

     High quality light diffuser provides comfortable lighting with no flickering and glare.

     High quality LED and professional design guarantee adequate cooling.

     Isolated power converter ensures product safety.

     Suitable for housing estate.



     Back stair    (view project)


     Lift lobby






     IES LM79IES LM80




     Battery Capacity : 9.6V 1700 mAh

     Battery Charging Time : 12 hours

     Battery Backup Time : 2 or 3 hours

     Conversion Time : < 1.5 second

     Discharge Protection : Emergency testing button and release mode

                                                                                                                     (download catalogue)







L370 x W109 x H103 mm

 Input Voltage


AC 198 ~ 242V  50/60Hz

 Full Power


10 W

20 W

 Dim Power


Pre-set dimming level from 100% ~ 30%

 Emergency Output


21% lm

 Power Factor


≥ 0.9

 Color Temperature


Natural White 4000K

 Luminous Flux


725 lm

1450 lm



≥ 80

 IP Ranking


IP 54



Aluminum case with prismatic clear polycarbonate diffuser